Here’s what we think: residents should be personally acquainted with the caretaker in charge of their building. Quadrat caretakers act as dedicated problem solvers and points of contacts for any issues related to your property.


  • Health and safety compliance
  • Checking and monitoring of building systems
  • Property maintenance
  • Waste management
  • Maintenance of gardens and other exterior facilities
  • Sweeping of all accessible areas
  • Minor repairs

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    Your property is at the heart of our caretaker services

    Health and safety compliance

    Reliable health and safety checks to comply with all applicable statutory regulations are part and parcel of our dedicated caretakers’ routine. The service they provide includes monitoring playgrounds and all other areas accessible to the public as well as clearing snow and ice as and when required and protecting your building and all its systems and facilities from frost. The caretaker also makes sure that all exterior doors are locked at all times.

    Constant checking and monitoring

    From HVAC and door-locking systems to lifts, lighting and fire-safety equipment, there are plenty of systems within an apartment building that need constant checking and monitoring. Our dedicated caretakers keep a close eye on all of them to make sure everything is in working order at all times.

    Sustainable waste management

    Waste management is an integral part of our janitorial services. Your dedicated Quadrat caretaker will monitor waste collection services to make sure waste containers are emptied on a regular basis, keep areas around container banks neat and tidy and make sure any waste compression systems and garbage chutes are in working order at all times.

    Routine garden maintenance

    Quadrat caretakers are dab hands at gardening, too. They look after routine maintenance tasks such as watering lawns, weeding, and keeping sandboxes, playgrounds and green spaces clear of waste and refuse.

    Minor repairs

    Minor repairs and maintenance tasks are part and parcel of any professional building services offering. Quadrat caretakers will also monitor larger repairs undertaken by third-party providers to make sure they are carried out in accordance with our exacting standards.

    Professional deep cleaning

    In addition to routine cleaning tasks such as sweeping all accessible areas, emptying bins etc., Quadrat caretakers will be happy to provide professional deep cleaning services. These are not included in our janitorial services offering for properties in Berlin and will be charged separately depending on the size of the job.

    Property maintenance you can rely on

    Quadrat provides janitorial services you can rely on. Our caretakers will offer solutions for any issues relating to the maintenance of your property. We take care of your building so you can take care of your business. Contact us for more detailed information on our caretaker services.

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