Why Garden Maintenance is worth the effort

First impressions count – will your property pass muster? Your building’s garden and entrance area are always the first thing visitors will notice.
First impressions are even more important if you are looking to let or sell your property. Garden maintenance can be an essential factor in driving the value of your building up or down.

Our services include

  • Implementation and installation of irrigation systems
  • Maintenance of lawns, trees, flower beds, shrubbery and hedges
  • Weed control
  • Collection and disposal of refuse and waste
  • Monitoring and maintenance of irrigation systems
  • Health and safety checks of tree populations
  • Keeping playgrounds clean and tidy

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    Tips for Keeping Your Garden Tidy:

    Lawncare, tree maintenance, irrigation and much more –
    professional garden maintenance is anything but an easy job.
    Here are some tips compiled by our team of professional experts to save you time and effort and
    make sure your garden in Berlin attracts attention for the right reasons.

    Saving Time Spent on Garden Maintenance

    Unless you are a passionate hobby gardener, you probably won’t want to spend too much time on garden maintenance. Here are 5 tips that will help you keep the work within manageable limits while keeping your garden in a presentable state without hiring additional help.

    TIP 1: Ground-cover plants help you fight weeds

    Low-growing or ground-cover plants such as shrubs, roses or bushes are essential to efficient garden maintenance because they suppress the growth of weeds.

    TIP 2: Instal an automatic sprinkler system

    Watering your garden every morning and evening during the summer months eats up more time than you might think. Invest in a professional irrigation solution to save yourself a lot of trouble.

    TIP 3: A border makes your lawn easier to cut

    Run lawn edging around your lawn to make it look neater and easier to cut. This should be slightly lower than the turf of your lawn.

    TIP 4: A Mulch Cover Stops Weeds

    Killing weeds is one of the most time-consuming garden maintenance tasks. Covering the ground with a one- to two-inch layer of wood chippings or gravel will prevent weeds from growing.

    TIP 5: Plant Low-Maintenance Hedges

    Hedges require regular cutting to look good. Shrubs and evergreen perennials such as bamboo, cherry laurel and rhododendron don’t. Low-maintenance plants that need no or only minimal cutting can save you time and make garden maintenance less of a chore.

    A short guide to lawncare:

    Scarify your lawn to make it look better

    Once winter is over, it’s time to remove moss, lawn felt and any clippings left over from the last time you cut the grass. This will allow more oxygen to get to the roots, make the turf denser and more robust and improve the appearance of your lawn. This process, which uses a tool called a scarifier to cut out thatch, is an essential part of your garden maintenance. To prepare your lawn for scarifying, treat it with a nitrogen-rich fertilizer in early spring. It is best to scarify in spring to aid quick recovery.

    Look after your trees – it’s your duty of care

    Tree care is an integral part of garden maintenance – not just because trees need looking after in order to thrive and look good. As a property owner, you are liable for compliance with health and safety regulations, which include regular checks of any trees on your property to make sure they do not pose any health and safety risk for others. Failure to comply with your duty of care may expose you to liability for any resulting damages.

    Alternative remedies to fight weeds

    Killing weeds is probably one of the most annoying and time-consuming tasks for any gardener. To prevent them from spreading, put down a foundation fleece before planting a new flowerbed. Once they’ve spread, boiling water is an effective remedy. Simply pour it over the offending weeds, wait for them to dry and rip them out. If you’re too busy with other jobs to look after your garden properly, at the very least you should remove their flower heads to keep them from spreading any further – or simply outsource these troublesome tasks and hire somebody to help with the gardening.

    Leave garden maintenance tasks to professional experts

    Creating and maintaining a garden is a lot of work, and a lot of property owners hire helpers for these tasks. Owners of apartment buildings are well advised to leave the maintenance of their exterior facilities to professional experts, who can help them avoid liability issues by looking after trees, install sophisticated irrigation system to make sure the gardens look good throughout the year, and keep the lawn neat and tidy. Talk to us if you’re looking for professional garden maintenance services in Berlin. We’ll be happy to take your garden maintenance to the next level.

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